Start rescue kitten/cat today

Getting started from Hannah Shaw

Raising a cat or kitten is the best experience that can teach you to see the world differently. Never feel afraid to have them in your life. I promise you that taking care of them might not easy but as last, you wouldn’t feel burdened if you follow guideline from Hannah Shaw (click on link) and read how I raised my orphan kitten. It is easy than you thought. I suggest you guys to follow kittenxlady’s Instagram,Facebook,YouTube and click the link below

Almost of my kitten care routine are coming from her guidelines and it help me a lot. So, let’s get started.

Where to find a kitten to foster?

  • Local animal shelter- they will appreciate your help. This is because kittens are vulnerable and they need extra attention. Local shelters have a huge number of animals that need their attention and care. Go find it now!!
  • Local rescue group- they are volunteer that rescue cat either from public or given by animal shelter. You can find local group rescue at and type your home area to find them.


What do you need? #kittenneeds #kittencare #anakkucing


This is some ways that you can use to help kitten if you find them abandoned and need your help. They really need your help so please, never ignore them.


Feeding a kitten

check out this page

Kitten milk formulas

  • KMR Powder for Kittens & Cats
  • Powder milk or liquid milk for kitten

Please never ever give milk that is not for cat because it can cause them to have diarrhea and even worse.

Kitten wet food

kitten need more fat, protein and calories to grow up. so, prepare the high quality formualted wet food for kitten. why you should choose wet food instead of dry food? it is because it is more moisturize to help kitten stay hydrated.

  • royal cannin baby cat formula
  • wellness kitten food
  • junior kitten food


8 weeks kitten

  • minimum meals for kitten is 3 filling meals every day especially early in the morning and before bed time

9 weeks kitten

  • you can start giving them adult food slowly by adding adult food half from thier baby food

12 months kitten

  • they can fully eat adult food but make sure its contain healthy ingredient for cats.

FRESH WATER (important)

keep a fresh water in a bowl always available because you dont want your kitten to be dehydration or drinking not-so-fresh water.


  • Kitten nipple
  • Bottle
  • Syringe for newborn kitten


you can watch this video on how to bottle feed a kitten


Newborn and kitten have a weak body immune if they are abandoned for too long. It is very essential for foster mom/ dad to give them a comfortable and warm place to sleep. Even if you adopt a kitten together with their mother, you can always provide these to your furry family.

Heating pad

Kitten must be kept in a warm and comfortable place. You can put a heating pad under their blanket or if you can’t find a heating pad, you can put a bottle with warm water under their blanket. Kitten will snuggle to the blanket and they will feel comfortable.


Also you need to provide soft blanket for kitten. Baby blanket for human baby is the best choice.


For newborn kitten, I prefer my kitten to be put in the hiding place. Just like a cat mother will put her kitten in a hidden place. This is to make sure that the kitten will feel safe until they are ready to go out and explore the other part of their new house.

For kitten, you can put them in the kitten cage or kitten house but choose the place that is not too open. They still not used to be in new environment and you can help them slowly to be familiar with your place.


Place to eat

You can teach your kitten to eat at the same place every feeding time. By doing this, it can help your kitten to know where they can get their food from and avoid them to take their food everywhere in your house.


Litter train

Your kittens need a litter train. Same goes to big cat, they also need a litter train. Cat and kitten needs a litter train to avoid them from peeing and popping everywhere and caused an uncomfortable smell in your house. All you needs is a litter sand, a scoop and big basin.

I prefer to use litter sand because it can eliminate the smell and dry the kitten/cat pee. you don’t have to replace the sand for at least a weeks until you-know-when to replace with the new one.

Scoop is for you to scoop out the poops from their basin. Always clean your kitten/cat toilet because they will stop using it when they found it is not clean

Big basin is important because you want to avoid mess when they dig into it. If the basin is too small, you will need to put extra work to clean the sand.


how to stimulate kittens to go to the bathroom

Stretching post

To avoid your kitten/ cat from left a mark on your sofa and beloved furniture, you need to give them a stretching post. You can buy or DIY stretching post. As for me, I prefer to use cat tree that included a stretching post together. So your cat can play and stretch at the same time.


cat treeToys

Happy cat make happy owner or vice versa. You will need toys to play with your kitten/ cat. Again, if you doesn’t want to spend money buying toys for your cat, you can always DIY and some toys are ready-made. You just need something to attract your cat/kitten to play with you. Sometime I’ ll just use rope and feather to play with them. They are happy with whatever toys you give them as long as it is safe.




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