Meet our cats from Purradise Cat


Our beloved Betty is a special cat with 6 paws but the extra fingers does not function. I think the only function of her extra fingers is only making her extraordinary cute (in my eyes). So, this little girl was lost and come to my house so I adopt her. Today she already 1 years old with one kitten. Good job Betty!! Her favorite food? Fish of course but i tell you guys, she really really like cheesecake and she will do anything for cheesecake. Cat can eat cheese but with small amount. She is strong, cute and clever girl. 


She is soooo fluffy just like her name. Her story is just the same like Betty but she is more tragic I think. because when her Papa found her, she was so weak and so small. We cant figure out where she comes from or where her mother is. Because she is just a few week old when her Papa found her, she need to be bottle feed. Thanks God this is not our first time rescuing a small kitten. She almost a month now and really grow up with healthy and happy family. Yeah i think her Papa spoiled her too much also. We hope she can grow up to be a big and sweet adult cat in future. She is sweet now with her cute eyes. 


Oh my.. Guess who is little cutepie? Another abandoned kitten? Nopeee.. this little cutepie is Betty’s kitten. I still cant figure out either it is female or male. But this little kitten is almost one month now, same age with Fluffy. So you guys can imagine how small and weak Fluffy is when her Papa found her. When Loly came to the world, i am so happy and overjoyed (who doesn’t?). Loly is a tiny but mighty kitten, born with other 4 siblings, all of them died and leave Loly alone. Even a male cat tried to attack Loly when i’m not home and Betty try her best to protect Loly. I swear never let it happen again.  Cat owner, you must keep in mind that it is important to provide safety environment for your cat or any other pet. Loly, i cant wait to go home and cuddle with you!!!